On Wed, 14 Aug 2019 08:39:22 +0100, Ian Jackson wrote:

> Alexander Wirt writes ("Re: salsa.debian.org partially down"):
> > It is already recovered. We will investigate where we can extend the
> > ressources. But some misusages (like requesting >1300 merge requests via API
> > on a big project, that in consequence run >1300 ci jobs, that...) can't be
> > solved regardless on how many resources we add. 
> Thanks for the reports from you and Bastian.  Thanks also for having
> the energy and effort to deal with this kind of thing.  It's annoying
> when a thing you're responsible for breaks because of foolish user
> action, and then you have to scramble to fix it.

From what I know, this what not a "foolish user action" but an action
by a dedicated maintainer who enabled salsa-ci for all packages
("projects") of a specific team; so they used a service advertised by
the salsa and salsa-ci teams. That this service doesn't work as
advertised or at least doesn't work for the amount of packages a
medium-sized team might have is deplorable and needs some action but
I don't see any reason for calling this action itself foolish.


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