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> Francesco Poli wrote:
> > Please note the adjective "effective"!
> > 
> > Questions:
> > 
> >  A) Why are these two clauses different from one another?
> > 
> >  B) Is the difference relevant with respect to DFSG compliance?
> > 
> >  C) Does specifying that only *effective* technological measures are
> > forbidden imply that parallel distribution (of DRM-encumbered and
> > DRM-*un*encumbered copies) is allowed for Adaptations?
> > 
> It's strange that these two clauses are different, but I think they
> are equivalent.

Well, there's a significant word in one which is absent from the other.
I don't think they can be construed as equivalent.

> It seems that CreativeCommoons wants to fight against DRM using the CC
> license.

Indeed, we are talking about this clause and trying to determine whether
CC is doing that in a DFSG-free manner or not...

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