On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 05:18:23PM +0100, Sebastian Ramacher wrote:
> I don't disagree that some parts of the wiki could be improved, but if you
> follow the link to the FAQ on https://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia that is
> displayed in the TOC and under a section conveniently named 
> deb-multimedia.org,
> you'll see that this is covered under 3.1 of the FAQ.

Thanks, Sebastian

a) The title of 3.1 is very helpfull (not ;-)

b) aptitude search '~S ~i ~O"Unofficial Multimedia Packages"'

   - Looks intuitive (not ;-)

   - Hmm... no aptitude program installed. I guess long time ago in a universe 
     away debian installed/linked this full name to "apt" ?

   - apt search '~S ~i ~O"Unofficial Multimedia Packages"'
     Sorting... Done
     Full Text Search... Done
     [== no result]

     Hmm... maybe there is a different "aptitue" program from "apt", but why...

   - apt-get install aptitude
     ... Whow, really. That's logical

   - apt search '~S ~i ~O"Unofficial Multimedia Packages"'
     [== no result]

     Well, great. at least the result of apt and aptitude are consistent.

   - Reading apt, aptitude docs to compare
     - aptitude autoclean
       ok. that seems to be able to clean up repository data
       But does not delete deb-multimedia installed packages either..
   - dpkg-query -l | grep dmo
     That actually does list the deb-multimedia packages, but just because their
     version numbers are tagged.

     So it seems as if the debian package system does not remember the
     repository from which a package was installed ??? Aka: no command
     to distinguish where an installed package came from in case
     the version numbers are not tagged ??


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