Quoting Toerless Eckert (2018-02-19 19:47:45)
> So i guess "aptitude" failed for me because i had already removed 
> deb-multimedia from the repository. And the documentation seems to 
> indicate debian does actually remember where the package was installed 
> from. And seemingly you can list automatically installed packages as 
> well.  Let me exercise add/delete deb-multimedia again to see how to 
> update the wiki doc to help others be more successful first time 
> around than me.
> But i am bit worried to understand how this all works. If aptitude 
> could not find the installed packages origin with that search term 
> because i had removed the repo from sources.list, that sounds as if 
> the metadata where a package is from is not remembered with the 
> installed package, but just correlated with the metadata from the 
> source.list info.
> In other words: if two repos had the same package, it sounds almost as 
> if i could just identify which the first repo is that would be used to 
> install the package, but not actually the repo from which it really 
> was installed - if sources.list might have changed since installation.

Correct: APT is a central registry for installing packages from multiple 
origins.  If you remove knowledge about some origins then that 
information is gone.

Another system - DPKG - is a central registry of packages installed.  
DPKG does *not* know anything about origins of packages.

> [ Let me know what if any better mailing list one should use for these
>   package management questions, as this is all not related to anything 
>   multimedia specifics anymore, and i would be happy to to have a 
>   non-multimedia specific wiki page to explain it, and just have 
>   debian multipmedia point to that. ]

If you are into irc, you might try ask at #packaging on OFTC.net.

Or maybe ask at debian-de...@lists.debian.org

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