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>     >     Who would potentially want to be an admin
>     >
>     >
>     > If more admins are needed, I would volunteer to be one.
>     > Seeing that people with more experience and contributions than me
>     > are reluctant of becoming an admin, probably I don't know
>     > what I am doing to myself. Anyway I am still curious.
>     >
>     I'll be at the BSP in Tirana and we can talk about it there.
> I am curious to see what it takes to be an admin. There is nothing to
> explain
> about it. And maybe I will not be in Tirana.

I'm sorry for not providing a more complete description of the role earlier.

There is a "Task Description" here:


but there are two shortcomings:

- it needs more details about the responsibilities

- it refers to the "Debian Outreach Team", but I feel the title is
ambiguous: personally, I feel the word "team" can be applied to
everybody who contributes, whether they are admins, mentors or other
developers who help without an official role in the program

Some of the responsibilities as I see them:

- admins are backup mentors - if there are a lot of mentors, then the
admins never have to step in but it is always possible that admins may
be asked to mentor.  This is why it is important to have systems in
place (e.g. the student wiki page like Renata[1]) that allow admins to
get their head around a project really quickly

- helping to attract mentors

- getting to know the rules or know how to find documentation about
rules (e.g. Google's FAQ, rules change from time to time and mentors
don't always realize)

- maintaining the wiki and other tools

- ensuring evaluations are completed at all deadlines

Notice that this doesn't mean other members of the wider team can't do
any of these things, but the admins have a little bit more
responsibility to make sure the things happen.

How do other people feel about this list of responsibilities, does this
belong on that wiki page too?

Has anybody else had any thoughts about being part of the admin team for
2018, either for GSoC, Outreachy or both?



1. https://wiki.debian.org/RenataDAvila

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