So the candidates that i think should go are Lucas Kanashiro and Chirayu
Desai  , as they have some great contributions that are visible to the
users and contributors .
Thee reason is quite clear that their contributions are visible and if we
go with FCFS , then yeah FCFS is also applicable here

So , Mentors I am Manas Kashyap ,and undergrad at Amity University Noida
and also an open source contributor , i have also contributed to debian in
form of packaging modules and bugs resolving , i am one of the organisers
of ILUGD (India Linux User Group Delhi) PyJaipur , and also , heads of many
college clubs like ALiAS (Amity Linux Assistance Sapiens) , Amity Android
Club , Amity Game Development Club , Amity ACE club , these are all
technical clubs in Amity .
I have been part of organising team for Confluence [1] , one of the biggest
technical event in Delhi .
I have taken many workshop in ILUGD on Debian , and also organised other
workshops too . I have attended many workshops too , like rootconf India ,
RpiJam Delhi .
I am one of the core developer for HamaraLinux Team .

On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 9:12 PM, Dashamir Hoxha <>

> On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 4:54 PM Manas Kashyap <>
> wrote:
>> Thank you , Dashamir for your support , can you name those two candidates
>> ??
> Manas why do you want me to speak for you??
> Why don't you show us the best candidates and the reasons that support
> your decision,
> and then I can let you know whether this is what I think you had in mind.
> By the way, why don't you show us something about yourself and your
> profile,
> your contributions and skills etc. so that we can have an idea whether you
> are
> qualified to make good business management decisions.
> Thanks for your understanding,
> Dashamir

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