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> > On Jan 21, 2016, at 9:32 AM, Paul Tagliamonte <paul...@debian.org> wrote:
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> > Hey Donald!
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> > As far as using pip to do stuff system-wide, I wrote thoughts on
> > http://notes.pault.ag/debian-python <http://notes.pault.ag/debian-python>
> I just want to be clear, that I totally agree with this. The reason I want
> to ensure we can enable this isn't because I think doing so is a great idea
> and everyone should be doing it. People *are* doing it and we (pip) have to
> be careful about what we make impossible to do because a possible result of
> going too break happy is people just never upgrade and things start to
> stagnate again.
> So for pip at the system level, my goal is try and push people away from it
> as much as we can without flat out making it impossible *and* try to make
> it as "safe" to do so as possible when people decide to do it anyways.

On Debian, if you try to remove an essential package (which would be really 
bad as a rule), the system won't stop you, but you get this:

You are about to do something potentially harmful.
To continue type in the phrase 'Yes, do as I say!'

And you have to put in the entire phrase.

If pip did something like that for system level installs, I doubt most of us 
would object to it anymore.

Scott K

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