[Paul Tagliamonte, 2016-01-22]
> I'm sure if you had a real and honest conversation with Donnald, there'd
> be middleground. I've never found him to be the sort to bully or ignore
> technical arguments.

and why we cannot find a middle ground here? Did I say something bad
about Donald? Quite the contrary, I think he's the best guy to talk to
regarding pip/setuptools/distutils.

> "Give me a thing I want and I'll fix this broken thing otherwise it'll
>  remain broken" is *NOT* how we do things in Debian. Flat out. This
> isn't a game of poker, and the archive is not yours to bargain with.

no, it's: "I already use too many hacks, but I will add another one if
you bribe me" ;P

There's nothing "broken" on our side, so I don't have to fix anything
(other than educating our users to not shoot themselves in the foot)

I want to help Daniel (I will even send a pull request if he wants),
all I need is something for me in return (and I'm also OK with adding
"Q: why don't you allow me to touch system files? A: because evil Piotr
made me" to pip's FAQ)

> I've never used my position on the ftpteam to bully someone into doing a
> thing, and I seriously hope that was a bad joke about using your
> position in DPMT/PAPT to get what you want.

it's my time and I will do in my time whatever I want. If I want to add
a hack to pybuild in my free time, I will do it when I want, you will not
bully me into doing something you think is right!
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