On Fri, Jan 22, 2016 at 05:18:36PM +0100, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:
> let's make a deal. If you will make sure pip doesn't touch system files
> (and others will not crucify me for this) - I will make sure pybuild
> uses above line (if setuptools is not detected in setup.py but is listed
> in Build-Depends).

Oh *come on*. That's insane.

I'm sure if you had a real and honest conversation with Donnald, there'd
be middleground. I've never found him to be the sort to bully or ignore
technical arguments.

"Give me a thing I want and I'll fix this broken thing otherwise it'll
 remain broken" is *NOT* how we do things in Debian. Flat out. This
isn't a game of poker, and the archive is not yours to bargain with.

Your argument is basically:

 - Thing X being broken is preventing Y from doing Z
 - We do Z on our platform
 - So, I'll fix X when you make Y stop doing Z

pip is used outside Debian, and another special case is tech debt. pip
touching the system sucks, but that's unrelated to the fact that thing X

Why these issues are intertwined is confusing me, perhaps dstufft would
have been better being dishonest and not mentioned pip in his mail.

I've never used my position on the ftpteam to bully someone into doing a
thing, and I seriously hope that was a bad joke about using your
position in DPMT/PAPT to get what you want.


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