On Friday, January 22, 2016 12:11:27 PM Donald Stufft wrote:
> 3) It slipped my mind that you have to pass an additional flag to setuptools
> right now to get the full file list (pip passes that flag unconditionally)
> however I'm going to poke setuptools to see about getting them to add the
> record file unconditionally to the .egg-info directory so it doesn't
> require the --record flag. (Although Debian could add it earlier if they
> wanted, but it's fine to wait for setuptools to change here).
Just to document this (since I think it's significant and worth memorializing) 
from IRC:

Currently --record includes the .pyc files which is both unneeded and bad.  
Before this gets added either in setuptools or by us, this needed to be fixed.

Scott K

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