On 21.04.2016 16:52, Thomas Goirand wrote:
On 04/21/2016 04:10 PM, Edward Betts wrote:
Recently I've come across some Python libraries that have a test suite in
their github repo but don't include it in the tarball they upload to pypi.

Debian binary packages don't normally include the test suite.

Why? It's my view that it's a good idea to include it, if it is located
within the lib itself.

there is no benefit to include the testsuite if it cannot be run in the install location. So why include that for these cases? Write an autopkg test and see if it runs *and* succeeds in the installed location. Usually testsuites tend to need a lot of patches for doing that.

Also for large testsuites a separate binary package would be preferred, see e.g. the size of python-cryptography and python-cryptography-vectors.


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