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> With my upstream developer hat on: source packages on PyPI are meant for end
> users to install via pip. They often include generated artifacts, and don't
> include things that aren't intended for installation via pip (tests being
> just one of these).

Interesting.  In many years of working with Python (since before
either PyPI or pip), I have a slightly different perspective.

Source packages (whether on PyPI or not) with a setup.py (or whatever
comes next) are intended for both automated or developer consumption.
pip is just one possible tool; buildout is another, and others as

> For distribution packaging purposes, the GitHub tags are generally
> preferrable. GitHub makes archives of tagged releases available as tarballs,
> so this is generally a simple tweak to debian/watch.

I'd generally be worried if the source package doesn't closely match a
tag in whatever VCS a project is using, but I don't think that's
essential, release processes being what they are.

This is really independent from the debate as to whether a test suite
should be included with the package, though.


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