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> In the long history of both Python and its packaging this is
> absolutely true (all you need is an archive and a setup.py) but
> Python's packaging has evolved and improved for its users through
> setuptools, pip, and wheel (even though I'm sure there are many on
> this list who vehemently disagree). So tar files, for the *majority*
> of PyPI are there to help users with ancient, barely working, versions
> of pip, buildout, etc.

My reaction is really about the comment that source packages are in
PyPI "for pip". You definitely understand that it's broader than that,
but careful language is important to avoid confusing someone new,
leading to poor understanding across the community.

Some of us still see pip as a youngling upstart.  :-)

> There's also a lot of data that could be in a VCS tag that is
> orthogonal to what needs to be in a package for a user or
> redistributor. For example, few if any people are going to want a file
> that configures the (potentially closed-source) continuous integration
> service(s) that the project uses and it's inconsequential to a
> redistributor if a .gitignore is in the archive too.

Which is why I don't consider slavish use of "git archive" (or similar
from some other VCS) to be valuable.


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