Fred Drake <> writes:

> My reaction is really about the comment that source packages are in
> PyPI "for pip". You definitely understand that it's broader than that,
> but careful language is important to avoid confusing someone new,
> leading to poor understanding across the community.
> Some of us still see pip as a youngling upstart.  :-)

And regardless of Pip's age, source distributions are definitely of
interest beyond that narrow use case.

Not everything in the VCS repository belongs in the Python source
distribution, and publishing the source distribution at PyPI signals
“this is the source for the purposes of building the distribution”.

The larger point is: Getting the source, building from source, and
installing the result — are all distinct steps that each need to be

The source distribution may also be a viable input for Pip, but that is
not its only widespread use. It remains the correct input for “build
from source”.

> Which is why I don't consider slavish use of "git archive" (or similar
> from some other VCS) to be valuable.

+1. The VCS is for potential developers of the code bse. The source
distribution is for people who want to build from source. Those are
always distinct use cases.

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