Allison Randal <> writes:

> - Will DPMT be following DEP-14 and using the branch name debian/master
> instead of master?

I believe so. Although from memory the conversion instructions are
incomplete on how to change the default branch to debian/master, which
is required before you can delete the old master branch.

Having a master branch that is no longer useful may have confused me
with some packages that other people have converted, but haven't had
time to check.

> - The gbp pq workflow page still points at the general Debian git-dpm
> instructions in the links for "import an existing .dsc file" and "start
> from scratch". Are there alternate versions of those pages for gbp pq
> somewhere?

Whoops. Possibly these links should be removed, all the information
required should be on this page. If not, feel free to add it...

> - Does DPMT prefer signed tags or unsigned tags, the wiki page is pretty
> agnostic on the topic.

Personally I use signed tags. gbp has a --git-sign-tags option.

> - Are there other lingering workflow questions for gbp pq not yet
> recorded on the wiki page?

The only major issue is the lack of proper procedure on how do the
master --> debian/master branch rename. As in I think the procedures
leaves behind a master branch, and keeps it as the default.

I have a script on - hopefully everyone should be able to
read this:


Which will handle the entire conversion. Must be run on,
and for best results git should have your username and email setup on Works for me for every case, except for the one package
where I hadn't pushed upstream changes correctly beforehand.

The script also includes the correct procedure for converting from
master to debian/master.
Brian May <>

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