On August 6, 2017 2:11:13 PM EDT, Ondrej Novy <n...@ondrej.org> wrote:
>2017-08-06 12:26 GMT-04:00 Scott Kitterman <deb...@kitterman.com>:
>> I don't work on the OpenStack packages, but I do maintain a
>> number of Python packages.  I always work from the released tarball. 
>> haven't added the keys yet to verify all my packages, but am
>> doing so as I have time.
>> I know some people like working from the upstream git (and the team
>> maintenance workflow allows for either), but I definitely prefer
>> from the upstream tarballs and appreciate the effort that goes into
>> producing them.
>It's not always possible/simple/nice to use sdist, because it contains
>prebuild docs. And I don't like to do +dfsg rebuild just for removing
>Sometimes sdists doesn't contain tests.
>So my preference is:
>   - use sdist if it's possible (have tests, don't have prebuilds, ...)
>   - use git tag tarballs (https://github.com/<group>/<projects>/tags)
>I already migrated few packages OS->DPMT so far.


Generally when I find shortcomings in the tarball, I file bugs upstream.  In 
general, I've found upstream developers to be accepting of such changes.

There's no need to DFSG the tarball if you can rebuild the docs.  The best way 
to ensure that is to rebuild them during the build process.

Scott K

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