2017-08-06 14:53 GMT-04:00 Jeremy Stanley <fu...@yuggoth.org>:

> Why would you need to repack a tarball just because it contains
> prebuilt docs (non-DFSG-free licensed documentation aside)? I'm all

Lintian considers this as "bug": https://lintian.debian.
(pedantic, I know).

Pretty sure OpenStack at least would consider any content which
> requires Debian package maintainers to alter tarballs prior to
> including them in the archive as fairly serious bug in its software.

But they want to keep generated (read: useless for our orig tarballs)
things inside release tarballs.

And sdist orig tarballs are too big, because they contains prebuild things,
FTP masters are not happy. (Thomas words).

Context: http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/openstack-devel/2017-July/
... I've been already flamed by the FTP masters because small
packages like nova-compute-* became insanely huge (ie: megs instead of
kbytes). ...

I consider git repository to be better source of "source code" than sdist,
which is built from that same git. But it's just about POV :).

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