On June 29, 2020 3:08:53 AM UTC, Emmanuel Arias <eam...@yaerobi.com> wrote:
>I'm working on poetry packaging, I created on salsa de repository [0].
>Note that there are many packages that are not in Debian like cachy,
>I RFS python-cachy [1] and now I'm working on cleo, which depends on
>that is not on Debian (if I search correctly).
>Bastian Venthur note me that pienv, pip have vendors folder with the
>but looking on poetry that _vendor folder is empty.
>So, looking for I more experienced opinion, do you think that we would
>to upstream to make available vendors on the release (if that is
>we need to package all the missing dependencies?

Definitely they should be packaged.

At least for pip none of the vendored libs are used in Debian's package.  
Fortunately upstream supports use of system libs with only minor patching.

Scott K

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