Hello Emmanuel,

> From the missing dependencies we have:
> * poetry-core in NEW [0]
> * pastel in NEW need for clikit [1]
> * pylev in NEW need for clikit [2]
> * crashtest has RFS need for clikit [3]
> * clikit is ready on salsa but waiting for crashtest before RFS [4]
> * cleo ready but waiting for clikit [5]
> * shellingham not ready nor ITP yet.
> * poetry some advances on salsa [6]
> For experience in the other packages (pylev, paste, etc) and for  
> recommendation of DDs,
> poetry package use upstream github repository where we have important things 
> like
> tests. I was looking and exist lot of setup.py that makes me think that we 
> will need
> repack the upstream package.
> I will continue working on it but after my reset week, I will be offline 
> until 9 january

can you provide a status update on poetry packaging? more and more
upstreams are moving (or planning) to poetry, so having it available
asap is definitely important.

Sandro "morph" Tosi
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