Carsten Schoenert <> writes:

> There is a private list there such information *can* be given, again, 
> there is no rule that I need to do this.
> There are options if some other DD believes a package is needing an 
> update, that process is called NMU (non maintainer upload). Or if you 
> think the other maintainer isn't doing his work in a time able manner, a 
> DD can salvage a package.
> But these options are only doable by DDs! And that for a reason.

Yes, a new contributor requires a DD for sponsored uploads; however, new
contributors are not discriminated against when salvaging a package.
"Thanks to this [salvaging] process, new contributors should no longer
be afraid to take over packages that have been neglected or entirely

While it's true that no one can force anyone to do anything in Debian,
it's also true that if someone salvages a chronically ignored package,
that is a consequence of not having taken care of it, and then not
having replied to the ITS bug for a month.  All this assumes both good
faith, and that new contributors educate themselves sufficiently well to
submit upload candidates on debian-mentors (and file RFS) that
sufficiently improves on the status quo of a neglected or forgotten

It's important to note that the value expressed by this policy is that
consistent, periodic (or better) long-term contributions are valued in
Debian.  It's also important to highlight that this value is attainable
as a Debian Maintainer (uploading a set of approved packages), or as a
Debian Contributor who requires a sponsor for all uploads.


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