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Dear Carsten,

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You might haven't read all ticket comments or I wasn't able to make my
question clear. The intention of my last comments to that ticket are to
understand how Jonathan worked around the problem while packaging. It
is my learning on the way becoming a Debian packager myself.

As he describes the problem and I as understand, it must be impossible
to build and package backintime for Debian. But as it is obvious it is
somehow possible and I want to know how. I want to learn something
specific about that packaging here.

Did you try to build the last released version?

What are your problems to build backintime?

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All this is not about work in the meaning of fixing, uploading or
something else. It is just about having a dialog. Without dialog I'm
not able to learn and to take over packaging someday to save your
resources. Not sure if it is against the Debian rules that upstream do
its own Debian packaging.

Participating to Debian sometimes feels like talking to a wall. I want
to learn and improve my skills to someday jump into the Debian
packaging wheel. From my experience with this list it seems easier to
have dialog with the DPT.

You can ask here for specific help.

this then you are welcome to become a member of the DPT by doing work
on packages which are in the maintenance of the DPT

Exactly! That is why I want my package being switch from jmw to the DPT
to make it "in the maintenance of the DPT".

So you want to process further something?
Provide patches, improve packages, enhance documentation, do some
kind of the work. That's the typical answers to that question.

I hope I made my point clear now that I want and still do this. E.g. I
checked all debian bug tickets for backintime. But I'm not able doing
this further when there is no dialog.

it might be sounds strange to you, but 5 or sometimes also 8 weeks
and longer isn't a long time within Debian.

I know this and I'm not that new to Debian. :)
Waiting weeks and months for a reaction (not work) is IMHO not OK.


Kind regards

Mechtilde Stehmann

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