Dear Carsten,

thanks for taking time and replying.

Am 28.07.2023 11:53 schrieb Carsten Schoenert:
you really should read the Social Contract/DFSG, the Debian policy and
the Developers reference a few times.

I'll do.

There is no rule that any DD or DM *must* do something in Debian, so
you probably have the wrong expectations.


I don't see any workaround and there is non needed. The bug issue is
about the not usable upstream test suite that would need to be called
through d/rules.

Maybe this is again about my expectations and wrong assumptions.

So it is possible to have packages in the debian repo that don't run any tests? I wasn't expecting this. So Back In Time is in Debian for many years and never run tests on the Debian build system? I'm shocked.

I didn't realize this. I thought that the test suite is broken and not it never works. ;)

Having a package in the official Debian repo was always kind of a quality certificate for me. ;)

Sorry, but this is not your package! You are upstream, that's fine,
but you want something to happen outside "your" world there you have
no control of. We are here in Debian.


I don't see the Debian Maintainer is wanting something from you as
Upstream, so again, your expectation is wrong to me.
There is a open report that the upstream test can't be running while
build, if you can provide useful tips to solve this fine

What else can be done than making upstream fix the buggy tests. ;)


:D No way!

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