Le dimanche 07 juin 2009 à 08:43 +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli a écrit :
> Even though it will not solve that problem, I would very welcome
> injecting periodically data from UDD to the FLOSSMole guys. The
> simplest way, currently, seems to be to handing hover the snapshot we
> periodically release on the web. Have you already asked them if that
> kind of data would be suitable for them?

More or less, orally, and at least Megan Squire was quite receptive (I
actually wrote my mail during her talk's Q & As). I will try and post to
their list and report here.

I'm not exactly sure of all the constraints involved with archiving some
data at their place, but will try and act as a facilitator, and report
when I have more details, letting you probably discuss further
details ;)

Btw, I'm not sure if/how we can plan some UDD-related discussions
@debconf... not having participated to debconf earlier... I suppose
we'll manage to find a place with cervesa to do so in last extremity ;)

Best regards,
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