On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 09:49:27AM +0200, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> UDD has some parts that are Postgres specific, in particular it uses
> the Postgres extension mechanism to internalize Debian version
> comparison so that it can be exploited in queries. In the beginning,
> the internalization was done only as an extension function, it might
> be that now there is even a custom data type where you can use "<" and
> such, but I'm not sure about that (redirect to Lucas).

I can confirm that there is a new data type debversion:

udd=> \d packages
           Table "public.packages"
       Column        |    Type    | Modifiers 
 package             | text       | not null
 version             | debversion | not null
 architecture        | text       | not null
 maintainer          | text       | 
 description         | text       | 
 long_description    | text       | 
 source              | text       | 
 source_version      | debversion | 

which is probably hard to reimplement in MySQL.  There was a thread
here on this list about this data type and its implementation.

> You just need to pay attention (and maybe do some tests) that,
> migrating away from Postgres, you might loose the ability to reuse the
> same queries which you can currently use with udd.d.o.

IMHO it is not a good idea to try to port UDD to a different
database engine.

Kind regards



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