Dear Sebastian,

On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 09:48:50AM -0700, Sebastian Kuzminsky wrote:
> Hello Scientists, I'm looking for a sponsor/uploader/reviewer/mentor for my
> package dxf2gcode.
> This version is a very minor change, just noting in the debian/control
> Vcs-* fields that I moved the git repo to salsa.
>  * Package name    : dxf2gcode
>    Version         : 20170925-7
>    Upstream Author : Christian Kohloffel <>
>  * URL             :
>  * License         : GPL-3+
>    Section         : science

There are a couple of issues with your package:

- since the package has never been uploaded to Debian, there should be a single
  entry in the changelog, only saying "Initial release. (Closes: #NNNNNN)"
  where NNNNN is the ITP bug number. The version should be 20170925-1.
  There is no need to document changes between versions that never hit Debian

- the package description in debian/control is too cryptic. I am unable to
  understand what the package does by just reading it. You should probably
  expand it a little bit, in particular explaining the meaning of the various

I did not try to build the package, so there may be other problems.

Also note that I will personally not sponsor the package if it is not
maintained in the Debian Science Team. If you want to do so, you should update
the Maintainer field, read the Debian Science Policy, and move the repository
to the Debian Science group on Salsa. Also note that, for sponsoring within the
Debian Science Team, we do not rely on; we sponsor directly
from the git repository on salsa.


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