Hi Sebastian,

>>>  I put the packaging repo on salsa [1], and I'd be happy to move it from
>>>  my personal namespace to the Debian Science group, but my understanding
>>>  is I don't have the authority to do that. (And I've not yet heard that
>>>  Debian Science actually wants the package.)
>>  If you set the Debian Science team as maintainer and since we agreed
>>  that it fits from the content it is perfectly fine to move it. Just
>>  apply for team membership and you get permission to do this.
> I tried to do this but failed.
> I don't know if i just missed the right place to click to make this
> happen, or if I as a "Developer" member of the Debian Science team don't
> have sufficient authority, or if there's something else going on...
> I went to the salsa page for my repo (listed above), clicked on the
> little gear on the left to go to Settings, clicked Expand on the
> Advanced Settings, and tried to select a new namespace in the Transfer
> Project tab that showed up, but when I searched for "science" it said
> "No matches found".
> I then tried to create a new project (by clicking the "+" at the top and
> selecting "New Project"), but again it won't let me pick any namespace
> other than seb_kuzminsky-guest.
> So I'm stuck!
> Also, I guess my old alioth username of seb_kuzminsky-guest got
> auto-transfered to salsa. Does anyone know if i can change that to just
> seb_kuzminsky, or do i have to remove my account and create a new one
> with a less silly name?

Debian Science Policy Manual was finally updated tonight.
I believe you will find an answer at [1].

[1] https://science-team.pages.debian.net/policy/#idm179

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