On 02/09/2018 11:16 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Just ping again here once this is done. 

I've updated the debian/sid branch of the dxf2gcode repo with all the
feedback I got from Andreas Tille and S├ębastien Villemot:


This includes: reset version number to 20170925-1 (UNRELEASED), update
the Description field to be more accessible, update the Maintainer and
Uploaders fields to match Debian Science Policy, and remove some dh_make

I also removed all my bogus debian/20170925-* tags.

>> I put the packaging repo on salsa [1], and I'd be happy to move it from
>> my personal namespace to the Debian Science group, but my understanding
>> is I don't have the authority to do that.  (And I've not yet heard that
>> Debian Science actually wants the package.)
> If you set the Debian Science team as maintainer and since we agreed
> that it fits from the content it is perfectly fine to move it.  Just
> apply for team membership and you get permission to do this.

I tried to do this but failed.

I don't know if i just missed the right place to click to make this
happen, or if I as a "Developer" member of the Debian Science team don't
have sufficient authority, or if there's something else going on...

I went to the salsa page for my repo (listed above), clicked on the
little gear on the left to go to Settings, clicked Expand on the
Advanced Settings, and tried to select a new namespace in the Transfer
Project tab that showed up, but when I searched for "science" it said
"No matches found".

I then tried to create a new project (by clicking the "+" at the top and
selecting "New Project"), but again it won't let me pick any namespace
other than seb_kuzminsky-guest.

So I'm stuck!

Also, I guess my old alioth username of seb_kuzminsky-guest got
auto-transfered to salsa.  Does anyone know if i can change that to just
seb_kuzminsky, or do i have to remove my account and create a new one
with a less silly name?

Sebastian Kuzminsky

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