On 02/09/2018 04:05 AM, S├ębastien Villemot wrote:
> Dear Sebastian,
> On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 09:48:50AM -0700, Sebastian Kuzminsky wrote:
>> Hello Scientists, I'm looking for a sponsor/uploader/reviewer/mentor for my
>> package dxf2gcode.
>> This version is a very minor change, just noting in the debian/control
>> Vcs-* fields that I moved the git repo to salsa.
>>  * Package name    : dxf2gcode
>>    Version         : 20170925-7
>>    Upstream Author : Christian Kohloffel <christian-kohloef...@t-online.de>
>>  * URL             : https://sourceforge.net/p/dxf2gcode/wiki/Home/
>>  * License         : GPL-3+
>>    Section         : science
> There are a couple of issues with your package:

Thank you for the feedback!

> - since the package has never been uploaded to Debian, there should be a 
> single
>   entry in the changelog, only saying "Initial release. (Closes: #NNNNNN)"
>   where NNNNN is the ITP bug number. The version should be 20170925-1.
>   There is no need to document changes between versions that never hit Debian

That makes sense.

I'll remove the incorrect debian/* tags from the repo, re-write the
changelog, and re-release version 20170925-1.

Should I leave the package as "UNRELEASED" (in the changelog) until it
makes it further through the review process, or should the uploaded
package be released (to unstable)?  Will there be a problem with the
higher-numbered versions I've already uploaded to mentors.d.n?

> - the package description in debian/control is too cryptic. I am unable to
>   understand what the package does by just reading it. You should probably
>   expand it a little bit, in particular explaining the meaning of the various
>   acronyms.

Oops!  Yeah, I can see how that's not clear to people outside this
specific field, I'll try to rewrite it to be more accessible.

> I did not try to build the package, so there may be other problems.

The package builds cleanly in a sid pbuilder chroot.  I got some
feedback from Juhani Numminen about build problems, which I addressed.
There are a few small lintian warnings remaning which I'll fix before
the next upload.

> Also note that I will personally not sponsor the package if it is not
> maintained in the Debian Science Team. If you want to do so, you should update
> the Maintainer field, read the Debian Science Policy, and move the repository
> to the Debian Science group on Salsa. Also note that, for sponsoring within 
> the
> Debian Science Team, we do not rely on mentors.debian.net; we sponsor directly
> from the git repository on salsa.

That all makes sense.

I put the packaging repo on salsa [1], and I'd be happy to move it from
my personal namespace to the Debian Science group, but my understanding
is I don't have the authority to do that.  (And I've not yet heard that
Debian Science actually wants the package.)

1: https://salsa.debian.org/seb_kuzminsky-guest/dxf2gcode

Sebastian Kuzminsky

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