> Just use the netboot installer. Settign up a tftpd + dhcp is done in a
 > few minutes if you don't have them around allready.

I just tried that, but the netboot image also seems to lack the SOCAL+
driver.  I've actually built my own kernel and netbooted it too, but I'm
having trouble getting all the options in the right place.  Hoping to
avoid creating a complete setup to build debian-style install images;
any other thoughts?  It's entirely possible I've contracted a case of

 > that's my impression, too - but I don't see it as a big problem. I
 > wouldn't want to install such a machine while standing right next to it
 > because I have to mess with a cdrom drive.

Good point.  Not wanting to stand next to it is the reason I'm using the
serial port, instead of hooking it up to the kvm.


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