Dennis Boone wrote:
>  > Just use the netboot installer. Settign up a tftpd + dhcp is done in a
>  > few minutes if you don't have them around allready.
> I just tried that, but the netboot image also seems to lack the SOCAL+
> driver.  I've actually built my own kernel and netbooted it too, but I'm
> having trouble getting all the options in the right place.  Hoping to
> avoid creating a complete setup to build debian-style install images;
> any other thoughts?  It's entirely possible I've contracted a case of
> stoopid.

(Without really looking into the udebs:) The socal module should be
included in the installer. But according to the help to the module in
the kernel config you'll probably need the microcode from the
                               Solaris driver to make it work. YOu
probably want to open a shell and try to modprobe -r scocal and modprobe
socal again, have a look if you see any error messages, also check the
output of dmesg.

Good luck,


Bernd Zeimetz
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