> (Without really looking into the udebs:) The socal module should be
 > included in the installer. But according to the help to the module in
 > the kernel config you'll probably need the microcode from the Solaris
 > driver to make it work. YOu probably want to open a shell and try to
 > modprobe -r scocal and modprobe socal again, have a look if you see any
 > error messages, also check the output of dmesg.

    ~ # modprobe socal
    FATAL: Module socal not found.

Modprobe can't find it to load it.  Nothing in dmesg.  Nothing in
/lib/modules *soc*.  It's just not included in the lenny installers.
Which seems silly.  Which is why I'm being a pita. :)

For what it's worth, when I hand-built kernels, my socal drivers worked
just fine built off a generic source tree.  So the kernel config help
about the driver may not be entirely correct.

Bernd, thanks for the suggestions.


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