On 14/04/18 12:02 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 04/14/2018 05:51 PM, Dennis Clarke wrote:
I will have a look at sparc and debian shortly, if the install iso
  images are sorted :-)

The current image should work fine.

You just gave me a good reason to fire up a sparc server. I will step up
to the plate on that and even grant you low level accesss to the system
if you need, for testing.   However you need a system with a separate
systems processor to really test GRUB and the old Ultra5 ( Ultra 10 )
don't have that tech.  A baseline machine would need ALOM or ILOM tech
inside it and Oracle M-series equipment has fully separate XSCF systems
boards.  These allow the setup of hardware LDOMS and also grant access
to control low level features of the machines.

We have done lots of testing of GRUB on new SPARC machines already. I would
be more interested in testing GRUB on old machines, the older, the better.

Really?  Well then .. let me see what I have that is ancient in the

How about PA-RISC? I happen to have some superdomes kicking about but they require truely a ton of power to operate.

FWIW, we also have several machines with hypervisor support (sun4v).

I was thinking Oracle M-class gear and the late generation Fujitsu gear.

Oh dear.

Let me ponder that need.  What is the most recent hardware you have been
  able to test with?  Anything with a Fujitsu and Oracle badge on it?

The upstream code to support GRUB on SPARC comes directly from Oracle,
so it has been tested with anything modern you can dream of. In fact,
the push to replace SILO with GRUB comes from the Linux for SPARC
people at Oracle.

I will have to trust that you have this on good authority and go with


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