2018-07-17 5:08 GMT+02:00 Chris Ross <cross+deb...@distal.com>:
> I hope that you are able to make progress and that
> I can learn from it as well.  :-)

Well I have ZFS up and running from Git - it has become surprisingly
easy over the years.
BTW, from the archive, I see you were intent on RAIDZ. I love RAIDZ,
but after running the raidz benchmark, I strongly advise against
anything but mirrors on a T5120 :-( The parity algorithms are really
slow on that CPU. And looking at the VIS(1+2) instruction set, I doubt
they can be significantly accelerated (VIS is old and lacks the
required 8 bits operations, it doesn't even get any kind of shifts
before VIS3). Unless we can somehow leverage the cryptographic stuff
(the Modular Arithmetic Unit, MUA) ? But I don't see any documentation
beyond "go through the Solaris driver" :-(

Anyway for the new Debian I'm combining this page
and this ML with this:
sudo debootstrap --no-check-gpg sid /mnt
/mnt is where the ZFS root is mounted (didn't do anywhere near as many
FS as the wiki suggests).

ZFS is on /dev/sdd2, with /dev/sdd1 a "boot partition" similar to the
one debian-installer added on /dev/sdc, as it is apparently required.


Romain Dolbeau

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