2018-07-18 4:29 GMT+02:00 Chris Ross <cross+deb...@distal.com>:
> Interesting to note, thank you.

If you have a full build of zfs from source, you can try
"zfs/cmd/raidz_test/raidz_test -B".

> I wonder why
> my grub-install onto my sda1 isn't working, and yours onto your sdd1 is.

Barely so far. After a couple of trials (and adding the boot partition to fstab,
among other things), I got to the point where I get the grub menu & grub
load the kernel... then it blows up because "/etc/zfs/zfs-functions" is missing.
That file is in the Debian packages (zfsutils-linux I think), but is
not installed
by the packages created by 'make deb' from git... so I tried rebuilding the
Debian sources with "debuild', but that blows up with an error about missing
"usr/lib/dracut" in "debian/tmp"...

That's where I am a right now. I'll try to rebuild Debian ZFS in the chroot
instead of the installed Debian next...


Romain Dolbeau

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