Hi Iggi,

there are no stable releases for the unofficial ports. You have to follow
sid if you install a machine with the netinst-iso...
This is currently very close to bullseye but will follow the next sid again
and deviate.

Also i am still trying to get my old Suns (Ultra 10, Ultra 25, Blade 100,
Blade 2000) working with debian in a stable way.

On Ultra 25 and Blade 100 i have problems with the latest kernels 5.9-5.10
where USB is not working for me. Therefore i am using kernel 5.8. Maybe
this is fixable by using a certain USB quirks switch for the kernel, but i
have not researched yet if there is a suitable one.

The main problem with debian on my machines is however, that after
intensive workload for 2-3 days, my partitions get corrupted into an
unfixable state and i have to reinstall debian. I have tried various things
to find the culprit, but the logs are inconclusive apart from partitions
not getting unmounted successfully at shutdown.
Currently i suspect systemd as the cause and have switched to sysvinit for

I think i can rule out hardware errors, because NetBSD and Solaris run rock
solid on those machines without an issue and the issue is similar across
several of the old machines. From the reports of other users T1+ are told
to be stable and not showing this instability.

So feel free to test i guess. Any usage should be welcome.


On Sat, Aug 14, 2021 at 11:02 PM James Bond <bond6...@googlemail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> As I do have several Blades 150/1500(silver)/2500(silver)/2500(red) I
> would kindly offer to test on them if you need my help. Graphic cards
> currently in use are XVR-100 (B150) and XVR-1200 (B1500/2500).
> Cheers
> Iggi

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