On 8/24/21 3:07 PM, Phillip Stevens wrote:
> I tried to start a bounty on bountysource.com , but I couldn’t find where
> to host the issue. There needs to be an issue to link on a bug tracker
> somewhere. Where is the right place?
> Suggestion would be to make success “support for mach64 enabling Ultra5 /
> Ultra10 PGX24 and PGX64 video card acceleration”.
> But better would be XVR100, though they’re rare beasts.

I just found an older mail from you and you mentioned that you're missing the
mach64 driver package [1]. That package was missing back then but it was since
then reintroduced to the Debian archive.

So, if your particular machine needs the xserver-xorg-video-mach64 package,
you should be able to install it again.

As for the xserver-xorg-video-sunffb package, we will need to reintroduce it
to the archive first.

After installing and testing both packages, you should report any issues with
these drivers to the freedesktop bug tracker. You can then create a new issue
on Bountysource by linking the bug report you created in the freedesktop bug


> [1] https://lists.debian.org/debian-sparc/2018/04/msg00012.html

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