Phillip Stevens wrote:

> > Yes, I'd also love (pay) to have decent graphics support. I migrated my
> > Ultra 5 to Sparc64 in 2018
> > <
> >
> > and since then hardly turned it on.
> > The graphics are a real weak point. I've both PGX-64 and XVR-100
> graphics,
> > and also tried a bunch of x86 PCI cards with no luck.
> We first need to figure out what the current state of the driver is.

I really can’t comment on the current state, but in 2018 I spent quite a
bit of time configuring and diagnosing both mach64 and the XVR-100.
Summarised in the blog. I don’t think things will have improved.

It might also be an idea to contact the original author/maintainer of the
> PGX-64 and XVR-100 graphics boards and ask whether they're willing to fix
> the issue.
> Did these boards work in the past with the 32-bit sparc ?

I can only comment on mach64 on 32 bit Sparc, it was working fine. The
desktop was reasonably responsive. About as responsive as Solaris, so quite
good. I didn’t get the xvr-100 until afterwards.


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