Yes, I'd also love (pay) to have decent graphics support. I migrated my
Ultra 5 to Sparc64 in 2018
and since then hardly turned it on.
The graphics are a real weak point. I've both PGX-64 and XVR-100 graphics,
and also tried a bunch of x86 PCI cards with no luck.

Would a bug bounty be a way forward?

Iggi wrote:

> Hi Adrian,
> Btw as I am not sure on Suns, would it be possible to add a supported (aka
> accelerated) PCI non Sun (so no OBP firmware on the card) graphics card to
> the Suns to be able use X in a "decent" way? As I cannot imagine that we
> will ever have a supported Sun graphics card (XVR-100, 600, 1200) within
> Debian.

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