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On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Andrew Perrin wrote:

> I'd like to upgrade my home machine's kernel to 2.4.18, but I'm not too
> excited about moving from ipchains to iptables. (This machine acts as a
> router from the home network [on eth0] and our DSL service [eth1].)  So, a
> few questions:
> - How easy or hard is it to migrate an ipchains ruleset to iptables?

trivial to run ipchains under 2.4.18...

        - just enable the ipchains compatability 

        - boot 2.4.18 in single user..
        - insmod ipchains   ( see if it works )... else make/compile
        a kernel that supports ipchains


> - Is it possible/adviseable to use ipchains under 2.4.18?

depends... what is ipchains doing...

> - What documentation should I read?

( different docs for different answers/problems ?? )
        ipchains and other related HOWTOs for starters??

have fun
http://www.Linux-Sec.net/Firewall/ .. firewall fun ...

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