Ron Johnson wrote:
On Wed, 2002-06-12 at 21:25, Chris Gushue wrote:
On my home router, I'm still using a 2.2 kernel. I tried 2.4 at one point, but found the ipmasq modules lacking (unless I missed something, which is likely). Overall, it shouldn't hurt to stick with ipchains unless there is something in iptables you need that ipchains doesn't do. A lot easier than migrating your existing scripts/rules, too.

Can you scrounge an old PC?  You only need 16MB RAM and a
500MB HDD for a great masquerading firewall.  (A great
reason to take it off of your box: if you shut your box down
(for what *ever* reason), others can still access the web.)

Oh, my main system is running Windows 2000, usually. I have a dedicated Linux box for sharing my DSL connection. For a few years it used to be just a 486, but I recently upgraded it to a K6-2/500 :)

You don't even need a 500mb drive, I've squeezed a fully function Debian system into less than 70mb in the past (this was including a mail server and some other things).

I apologize if this was meant to be directed at Andrew ;)

But I agree, having a seperate dedicated box for sharing the connection is a really good idea. You can just set it up and leave it running, knowing it will just work. I've had to use my main computer as the router before, and my roommate always used to get annoyed when I had to reboot to play a game, or just fooling around with a new kernel, or something like that.

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