On Wed, 2002-06-12 at 21:25, Chris Gushue wrote:
> Andrew Perrin wrote:
> On my home router, I'm still using a 2.2 kernel. I tried 2.4 at one 
> point, but found the ipmasq modules lacking (unless I missed something, 
> which is likely). Overall, it shouldn't hurt to stick with ipchains 
> unless there is something in iptables you need that ipchains doesn't do. 
> A lot easier than migrating your existing scripts/rules, too.

Can you scrounge an old PC?  You only need 16MB RAM and a
500MB HDD for a great masquerading firewall.  (A great
reason to take it off of your box: if you shut your box down
(for what *ever* reason), others can still access the web.)

If you can find 2 ISA NICs, then a 486 is all you need,
or if a Pentium/K6/Cyrix, then you can use the eth1 from
your current box.  (A pentium-class box is more likely to 
be bootable off CD, and that's a big plus.)

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