Steven Yap wrote:
Ivo Wever wrote:
Simon Law wrote:

You should add the correct module lines (that you would put in
modconf) in /etc/alsa/modutils/0.9

I couldn't gather the format of a module line from the alsa docs and it isn't in the example. What should such a line look like?

Here's what I added to /etc/modutils/aliases:

[..] Replace the snd-cmipci above with snd-via8233. You can also place the lines above in their own file under /etc/modutils/. Run /sbin/update-modules to regenerate the /etc/modules.conf file.
Thanks, it worked. I now even have sound under X, even though artsd doesn't start with the option for alsa-compatability. I've yet to
figure out why :)

Ivo Wever

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