I'm on comcast and what we have here is a cable account with a combination router modem box.

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Alan McConnell composed on 2016-09-14 17:11 (UTC-0400):

My final problem is: how to get my Jessie to get on line. I don't think this is anything anyone here can help me with, since I live in a retirement community
which has a huge contract with Comcast.

Is it a cable account, or is it a DSL account? Appropriate help from here, should you choose to accept any, depends on your answer.

I called a tech person here, and he gave me
a username and password which got me, and keeps me, online . . . but only for the Windoze side. I gotta do some exploring to see if I can make this work with Jessie.

Luckily[1], I'm not a Comcast subscriber, so I cannot speak to this from experience. Maybe something following can spur you into finding a path to a solution.

ISTR that some cablecos provide both a router (aka firewall and possibly a switch) and a modem in the same box, like DSL providers typically do. DSL providers normally require a login process with username and password. OTOH, cable providers typically do not require login, depending instead on the unique MAC address of the cable modem. It sounds to me like you either do not have an internet router between your PC and the modem, or have a combination modem/router/firewall, and so needs Jessie to somehow login similarly to how the tech enabled you to connect in Windows. Had you a separate internet router that you own, then the router could perform login duty, and internet connectivity would not depend on which OS you booted.



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