On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 10:56:44AM -0400, Tony Baldwin wrote:
> Indeed:
> # update-alternatives --get-selections | grep mail
> mailx                          auto     /usr/bin/bsd-mailx
> but also:
> # update-alternatives --config mailx
> There is only one alternative in link group mailx (providing 
> /usr/bin/mailx): /usr/bin/bsd-mailx
> Nothing to configure.
> it seems it won't let me set a mail client

The other alternative for mailx is heirloom-mailx and I would strongly
recommend that one over bsd-mailx.  heirloom-mailx has lots more
features, including the ability to specify MIME attachment files from
the command line.

In general, if you're wondering how to find out what the alternatives
are for a given virtual package:

$ apt-cache showpkg mailx
Reverse Provides: 
mailutils 1:2.99.98-2
heirloom-mailx 12.5-4
bsd-mailx 8.1.2-0.20141216cvs-2

So, three choices.  I only knew about the latter two.

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