On 18/09/16 11:33, Shervin Emami wrote:
Am I just not noticing the obvious link, or does the Debian website really
not give the info about how to verify checksums?

Shervin, it seemed obvious to me. The checksum files are at the top of the download directory listing [1].

Starting at <https://www.debian.org/>, I clicked on "Getting Debian / CD/USB ISO images". This took me to the "Debian on CDs" page <https://www.debian.org/CD/>. From this page, I could navigate to "Download CD/DVD images using HTTP or FTP" / "Official CD/DVD images of the "stable" release" / "amd64", which contains the ISO images, checksums, and signatures (scroll to the top):

The "Debian on CDs" page also has a link "Verifying authenticity of Debian CDs" <https://www.debian.org/CD/verify> which describes how to verify the signed checksums (but does not provide a command line example; this could be improved).

[1] At the top of the listing because they are in ALL CAPS and capital letters are first in the "C" collating order. This is why you often see README.txt not readme.txt, for example.

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