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On Sun, 18 Sep 2016, Lisi Reisz wrote:

On Sunday 18 September 2016 02:05:42 Shervin Emami wrote:
At "www.debian.org" I clicked on "Getting Debian", and then to
get a net
install image there are 3 different pages that all have direct
links to the
ISO files, but no link at all about how to get the MD5sums.
Even the Verify
page doesn't show how to find the MD5sums. So I think it will
help many
users if there can be a link to the MD5sum file at these 4 pages:


I was looking for amd64 netinstall but it seems the problem
exists for all
architectures and both for netinstall or CD. So adding a few
links could
help quite a few beginners!

Not just beginners.  I too find it a nightmare, and sometimes
give up.  If you
look at the raw HTML you can extract the URL of the download
directory and
they are indeed there - it is finding the directory which is
hard, because
the link just says "click here" or something, and if you click
it immediately
begins downloading.  You never see the directory.

One of the developers has raised this as a bug.

Four things:

1. Can anyone provide a link to this bug report?


2. If you view page source to figure out what url a link points
to, I suspect that either
  1) you find page source inherently  fascinating,

I am not Lisi, but I find that OFFENSIVE!

2) your browser does not provide an easier method for obtaining that

A web browser without a status line that displays the url pointed to
by the current link is like a car with an opaque windscreen. IMHO.

Who is target audience of the link?
  1. some GEEK
  2. Some John/Jane Q. Public who has *HEARD* that Linux > Windows?

Firefox does not lack this feature. Neither does lynx (though lynx
must be set to "advanced" mode to enable it).

Are you sure your browser does not have a similar feature that
can be

SEE question above.

3. What web browser does not enable editing the current link?

In firefox, one can right-click on a link, select "Copy link
from a menu, and then paste the link into the location bar for
editing. It is easier in lynx, where one simply hits 'E' (or
key is bound to the command :ELGOTO) to edit a link.

SEE above.

4. This thread prompted me look up how one can contribute to
web pages. It looks like interested parties can begin here:

  "Helping with the Debian web pages"

Did you know Debian has a "wiki".

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