On Sun, September 18, 2016 5:10 pm, brian wrote:
> My dear old Laserjet 5N finally having died, I bought an HP Laserjet
> P1109w to replace it. I have managed to install it to the extent that
> it's recognised (USB connection, not wireless) but the problem is that it
> apparently needs a *proprietary* plug-in to print properly.
> I have H-Ps installer, and everything goes OK up to the point at which
> it goes to an unspecified H-P site to download the plug-in.

Installer?  Plug-in?  Are you using CUPS?  Is the P1109w not in the CUPS

I picked up a P3015 for $150; it runs perfectly under CUPS and is the best
printer I ever have used.  I am using the Ethernet interface.


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