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> On 09/19/2016 08:40 AM, Lisi Reisz wrote:
> >
> >If we are putting in plugs for other printers, then Sumsung has brilliant
> >support for Linux, once you get past first level support.  They have a chap
> >(Linux Support Department!), whose permission I have to give out his name and
> >contact details, who will stick with it to help until the printer/all-in-on
> >works in Linux, if the supplied Linux drivers don't work.  (I've always
> >managed to get printers going - it was an all-in-one I needed his help for.)
> >
> Ok, but try to use them (the Samsung's printers) on Linux ARM, MIPS or even
> PowerPC. Their installers are designed for x86 CPUs.
> -1 to me so I tell to everybody to avoid samsung printer not seen by CUPS.
> Brother's Printer has a better support to my knowledge.

Debian packages software which has a free licence for Brother printers
and, of course, it would be available for the architectures you mention.
Printers which have software with a non-free licence (and the there are
quite a few which fall into that category) is not packaged and users
will generally employ Brother's installation software to get their
printers going.

TTBOMK the installers (as .debs) are i386 only and there is no source
code for a filter they contain. So the situation is really no better
than at Samsung.

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