On Sun, Sep 18, 2016 at 06:10:39PM -0400, brian wrote:
> Anybody got any ideas before I package the printer up and send it back
> to Amazon to exchange it for another brand? I'm using 64-bit testing,
> should anyone feel that makes a difference. 

I'm not a Luddite, but if you still can, I'd ship it back and go on
e-bay and pick up a used 4050/4100 or some such.  Similar to your 5N,
but a little newer.  Most importantly, speaks perfect PS and drivers are
no problem (just CUPS+Gutenprint).  Get the N version for network
connectivity, because otherwise will likely come only configured for
parallel, which might be a problem.  Should be in the $100-$135 range.
I've got over 60000 copies on the ol' 4050N I've got.  If you've got the
cash, there are of course newer versions of pure postscript printers

I got rid of my "modern" HP 1005p after sooo much frustration, needing
not just a driver and firmware, but something called a "hotplug" as 
well.  So glad I lucked into the 4050 dinosaur.

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