Op 12-10-16 om 17:17 schreef Mark Fletcher:
I wonder if passing the --fetchmailrc option will work. The systemd
journal snippet I included in my original post shows that fetchmail is
getting started successfully -- but by the morning it's not running.
Now, clearly nothing gets past me, but that means it's terminating.
Which suggests it doesn't know what it is supposed to do once it is
started. Which suggests maybe it's not finding the fetchmailrc file?

Looking at question C6 in the fetchmail FAQ, I'd say that's quite likely... :)


C6. Fetchmail works OK started up manually, but not from an init script.

Often, startup scripts have a different environment than an interactive login shell. For instance, $HOME might point to "/root" when you are logged in as root, but it might be either unset, or set to "/" when the startup scripts are running. That means fetchmail at startup can't find the .fetchmailrc.

Pick a location (such as /etc/fetchmailrc) and use fetchmail's -f option to point fetchmail at it. That should solve the problem.

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